Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wanna crack SAP HCM/HR certification? THR12_64/THR12_05-Latest SAP Questions from 2010Dec Test

He recently cleared SAP HCM certification and felt this will be helpful for SAP HCM cerification aspirants.He infact dint find a site/blog that had some real queries.Thats were the motivation has evolved.

Materials to refer


In total 80 queries need to be answered in 3hrs

instructor expalins before the test starts .

PLEASE NOTE kindly make sure your test code and what you see in screen and paper is same.It happened to be there was some issues for few ppl.

I have shared some queries that i could recollect but trust me as and when i recolllect i will update this space.please watch this space for more queries.

Here are some queries from test.

1.solman is used in

4.optimisation more option

choose three i guess

2.wage types are cummulated using some of the oeprations below

a.avera addwt
c.ELIMI addwt more option

choose one answer

3.relation lke OR object mapped to position and org units and person holfing

Four eval paths given and one need to be checked

4.time evalutriaon is done and schema has been edited multiple times and snap shot of XT00 was given below

four optons lines deactivated in subschema which one will you choose

a.line 000220 daypr TC00 PDC

b.line 000240 daypr TC00

c.000280 PAB

d.000170 RAB

d.both RAB and PAB

5.what is the infrastructre that brings people management,process management,platform,tigether

a.SAP Human process management menthodlogy


two more options

6.Questiosn related to ADHOC QUERY-say we want to exclude some or restrict based on PA or PSA-not able to recolect the qyer properly

options are

ADDTU field
three more options

7.which one would you recomedn for reporting

SAP query
one more option

8.what is the object types can be mapped for qualifications PD object


three more option will you explain to customer about WPBP split and when it happens

1.address changes for master data details changes

3.change on org asisgnemtn

4.change in planned working time

choose two correct answers schedule rule what will you be config steps

a.perido work scheudle,day type rules,break scheuked,dailiwork scheulde

twop options dint have day rules to choose

11.customer wants to default monthly and bi weekly for two group of employees what will you do

a.controld record,period parameter,abkrs,date modifier,public holiday calendar

2 options dint have period parameter

one correct answer to be selected

12.there were questions about defult wage types -fetaures
two more features

13.question about defaulting pasyscale type and payscale area

what feature will be used query about hirarchy framework Om

a.serach->selection area->overview area->dtail area

three options for not correct one

15.customer wants to deafult number range for different group do you do it at

a.ent structure
b.personnel strcyure
3.employee structure strucre queri related to feature whethere decision operation or return value-not able to exactly recollect the query

17.lets say employee has applied vacation leave and adminstrtor tries to apply overtime how would the system react time constraint 1 .

1.throws error and wont allow to
2.extends the record

18.lets say you want to allow employee to take .5 days leave will you restrict in config steps

a.min as .5 and max 9999
b.leave min and max empyt
c.two more options

19.What are the components of erp Structure
1. company
2. client
3. PA
4. I do not remeber

20.Query related to infotype attribuites and whcih table need to be chosen

3 more tables options was given

21.lets say wagetype 1000 is evaluated by TARIF indirect eval module val module then what does it valuate

a.wagetype amount gets valuates from another table
b.payscale types and areas
c.two more options

Some questions from THR12_64

You want to generate the report with emp name, emp code, leaves taken in the year, bank transfers made. How to generate this report.
1. Adhoc query
2. Employee list with varients available
3. SAP do not provide the report, hence make a request to your IT person.
4. Subsequently make SAP query.


  1. Hi, I just sat the THR12_64 exam 5th April 2011 and narrowly missed the pass mark. I got 51% and pass mark is 55%. I have the THR10 and THR12 training material but cannot find any material for TERP01, TERP02. if anyone can help, please could you email me at
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    2. Hi, could you plase send me materials for certification of THR10 and THR12 ?

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    I plan to take SAP Certified Application Associate - Human Capital Management with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP5.

    Exam Code: C_THR12_65

    Can you please share some materials with me (